Aug. 11th, 2012

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First off, I'm going to say hi to the latest group of people I've picked up in a friending meme. Welcome, and I hope I don't disappoint you too badly as a friend.

Next, Anyone have any good recommendations for podcasts? I prefer listening to the spoken word rather than to music at work (I have a tendency to have to sing along dramatically to any music that plays, so I get a lot of people laughing at me singing silently with exaggerated facial expressions if I listen to music at work.) Right now I'm really loving Popstuff from HowStuffWorks since it hits my love of anthropological studies of western subcultures (though not so in depth as I would usually like). I'm also a huge fan of The Savage Lovecast (and quote it all the time, which may be weird) and Stuff You Missed in History Class, also from HowStuffWorks, if that helps narrow down the kind of thing I like. I am particularly looking for something to take the place of The Broadway Bullet which I loved but died after the show runner moved back to Montana (where it is slightly more difficult to report on the happenings of New York theater.

Finally, I am going to do the book!meme from [ profile] bookishgeek but as a thirty(one)-day meme instead of a oneshot deal -- because I like books and I feel like it.

A book you are reading right now
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