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The State of the Reading:

In February I finished 5 books. Of these, two were audio books listened to while working, two were ebooks read on my ipad primarily while on the treadmill (though also at the laundromat), and final one was a physical copy read before bed each night.

1. The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
There are quite a few negative reviews on goodreads that say nothing really happens in this book and they are probably true. I loved it anyway because I love atmosphere and Night Circus has it in abundance. I put this book as my favorite for the month.

2. The Science of Doctor Who - Paul Parsons
So, this book I got through bookins back when I was first got into Doctor Who. The fact that it took me a good four plus years to get around to reading it and probably five years to actually complete it says a lot. It turns out that I'm just not that interested in the science behind science fiction series I like my science and my media to remain separate. That said, the actual book presented all the topics it covered well.

3. A Dance with Dragons - George R. R. Martin
Well I'm done with what is available so far (so I can finally join [ profile] westerosorting when I actually get around to actually filling out the application. From where we are right now I am super over the whole Meereen subplot. The wall on the other hand, I can't get enough of.

4. Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier
I liked this one. Liked it enough that I'm actually finished the second one two, but since I finished it in March it wont come around until next month. I do have the slight weirdness that the books individually don't really come to any conclusion. It very much feels like the story was written as one piece and then arbitrarily chopped in three. It is a little disconcerting.

5. City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare
Not going to lie. I was a big fan of the Draco Trilogy back when it was being posted during my first stint in Harry Potter fandom and this whole series brings back memories of that time. Memories both in terms of the discussion about the writing of the first book in this series and in terms of Jace very much being in the mold of the LeatherPants!Draco of the time. As such, 18 year old me would have loved this book so much, current day me was a little meh.

Other things I'm into this month:

I've really only got one thing to talk about her. I am loving Wish Me Luck which I am watching on Netflix. English spies, mostly women, working with the French Resistance during WWII -- what's not to love?
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