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It's a little late, but I figure there should be some sort of March round up, even if it is just books read. So, for those there are eight: two physical books, two ebooks, and four audiobooks.

  • Big Green Purse Diane McEachern - Most of this book was not really new information and there were sizable portions that dealt with things that are irrelevant to me (i.e.. Anything to do with children and a lot of the homeowner stuff that I don't get a say in as a renter) but still it helped renew and bolster my environmental consciousness. Since I already am way down on the meat eating -- I don't buy or cook meat for home use, though I will order it in restaraunts if I feel like it or eat what other people have prepared in their homes -- I'm going to concentrate on reducing chemical usage, both in the form of personal care products and in the form of cleaning products. I'd also like to develop a better way to cut off power to electronics I am not actively using.

  • Saphire Blue - Kerstin Gier - I continued to enjoy this series and look forward to the point when the third book will be translated into English so I may read it (I believe that is supposed to happen sometime this year). Like the last book, I felt like the ending was super abrupt, but I enjoy the time travel mechanics and the protagonist so all is good.

  • City of a Thousand Dolls Mirium Forster- Another one I enjoyed. It was super in depth, but then, since I read ebooks while on the treadmill, depth is not always what I am looking for -- what with all the head movement.

  • City of Glass Cassandra Clare - Meh, I am still rather underwhelmed with this series. I see all the points where I once would have been all about it, but right now? not so much. I do love Luke.

  • City of Fallen Angels Cassandra Clare - So, I had been under the impression that the previous entry was the last book in the series, but when I went to look it up in the library's system, this was there too. Grrr. I wish I hadn't noticed it. It is the beginning of a second trilogy and while before I was just underwhelmed now I'm actively disliking. So, I'm done.

  • Kim Rudyard Kipling - Towards the end of March I remembered the goodread's groups are a thing, and that I am intact a member of the "Victorians!" group. I also remembered that novels written in the Victorian Era are now in the public domain and therefor free as audiobooks on librivox. Score! Anyway, Kim was the March read-a-long so I listened along. Not really my sort of story, but I enjoyed it well enough for the setting -- particularly because it ended up complimenting book eight quite nicely.

  • The Rose Garden Susanna Kearsley - More time travel! I <3 time travel. I particularly enjoyed this sort of uncontrollable time travel. Actually, it reminded me a lot of The House on the Strand and since a lot of other people make Du Maurier comparisons it would seem I'm not the only one.

  • The Betrayal of the Blood Lily Lauren Willig - I love the Pink Carnation series! I'm a huge sucker for the modern academic/past subject of the academia parallel story line construct. Also spies and the Regency. I've another Pink Carnation book going now (which really I would have read first because I am reading through my un-read books shelf in height order, but Blood Lily was first by in-story chronology).

Then there are some pictures. (1) of the April calendar and (1) to prove that while I did fall down on keeping track of my sticker goals, I did manage to not bite my nails for the month of March.

 photo 1d9fbf79-dea8-458b-a16e-ffb954bd39b2_zpseacbb056.jpg

 photo 8fbcb481-f071-4f73-8e39-ff1efed0e334_zpsca3e9a42.jpg
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