Dec. 10th, 2012

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Whoo! The first Christmas card has arrived! Thanks [ profile] wagrobanite.

The package my mother told me expect also came today. I would appear that I have officially aged out of the care package (which fair enough) since everything in it was already mine. And all of them were Chirstmas decorations that I hadn't moved across the country because I wasn't particularly attached to them in the first place. At least now I actually have a decoration out since prior to this I was being too lazy to actually get any of the decorations I do have out of the storage cupboard. Along those lines I think I will need to get one of the Rosemary bushes shaped like a little tree this weekend at put all of my miniature ornaments on it.

I've been very much not realizing that it was December since December started. It just occurred to me today that our big choir concert is this weekend. It seems like we just started with the Hodie; though equally surprisingly, despite feeling like we've spent no time with the music I also feel relatively well prepared on it. Unlike the Magnificat last year. That was kind of dire (although I guess not too dire since we did win an award -- or was that for the spring concert?)

But over all with the December-type stuff, I haven't listened to any CDs -- not even the Christmas Survival Guide which is my favorite -- I haven't watched any horribly cheesy made-for-tv movies (holiday based guilty pleasure #1) and I haven't broken out any of the Regency romance novellas (holiday based guilty pleasure #2 -- what can I say, I like being emotionally manipulated around Christmas). What am I doing with myself?


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