Sep. 19th, 2012

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Things which I have learned today at work: Wrigley's introduced Doublemint gum in 1914 and the doublemint twins advertising campaign in 1936. Also, I would appreciate it if field crew would not bring back gum wrappers. I guarantee you that the gum wrapper will biodegrade in the ground before it becomes archaeologically significant. The same goes for the plume from a Hersey's kiss. Thanks.

In other things, Today was the first night of Handbell choir in addition to regular choir, as well as our handbell director's last night since he got a job at a church in Lafayette. Sad day (for us, not for him). I managed to move myself back down to D and E(5) from E and F(5) which seems like it wouldn't be that difficult of a change reading wise, but I was constantly forgetting which hand my line note and space note were in and music doesn't usually sound so good if you play your two notes in exact reverse order. Trust me. Apparently the main choir direct will be taking over handbells starting next week.

Sometimes I love how nerdy my office is. Every month, I have the other lab-ies look for weird (and normal) holidays and I illustrate the calendar. This month we had cheese pizza day, defy superstition day, and of course for today, talk like a pirate day. Not only did I talk like a pirate, but Dena pulled out the bandana's that she and her mother had gotten on a pirate tour of the quarter so I tied up my ponytail with the scull and cross bones bandana. I may have looked like an early 1960's pirate.

The calendar also includes Hobbit Day (which is Saturday) and some sort of second breakfast event that I found on facebook for 11:00 on Friday. So, today we also finalized our plans of who was going to bring what food to our second breakfast celebration. I'm in charge of something savory and egg-based.


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