Sep. 16th, 2012


Sep. 16th, 2012 05:17 pm
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There is a good chance that this is the only time this will ever happen, because I hate asking for things (particularly without offering something in return -- it upsets the power balance -- so let me know if there is something I could do in return), but does anyone have a hankering to make a sig-tag? I have plenty of them for [ profile] hogwartsishome, but they are all for Ravenclaw. Now that [community profile] enchanted_sorting is up and running I need one or two for Slytherin, and somehow sigtags just seem like something you can't rightfully make for yourself.
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Meh, I am posting a lot tonight, I don't know what is with that. Okay maybe I do.

I'm a little drunk. I found a rather enjoyable bottle of bubbly white when I stopped by the WholeFoods this evening looking for some salted caramel. I should probably not be stamping people at the moment, but I am. I trust that any weirdness will be counter-acted by everyone else's vote. Or not. I mean, after all I was stamped Ravenpuff and I still think people were smoking the bad crack that weekend, but then I feel weird seeking a restamp because I hate hybrid re-stamps. Mostly because they reek of "give me this stamp." Grrr.

Otherwise, today was a big cooking day. My freezer is now all sorts of stocked with froze but homemade meals that I can just quickly prepare when I need to. Namely, I have a bag of ricotta gnocchi and one of black bean quesadillas. I am all about the Budget Bytes food blog. I also feel the need to say that I am no more domesticated that I was yesterday, because one of my friends insists that one of the stages of domestication involves feeling the need to post pictures of your cooking (notice the lack of pictures) to facebook.

Finally, yesterday felt like a terribly productive day. I figured that my local checking account (that I really only maintained in order to process any checks I might receive) had been charging me a $12 a month service fee (since my roommate moved out) because I did not have a high enough volume of transactions. So, I closed it and then had to change the payment method on the couple of bills that were paid out of that account. Mostly electricity, water, and my gym. I also managed to get the thread I needed for the baptism cloth I have due on the 30th, and I got two new pairs of flats in a royal blue and a black.

Actually, shoes bring up another thing I have been wondering about. Are shoes subject to vanity sizing or are my feet shrinking? When I was in high school I consistently wore a US size 10 and occasionally even had to go up to an 11 for boots. The flats I just purchased were US size 8 1/2. That seems like a large amount for my feet to have shrunk (though some of it can be accounted for in the fact that, at least the black ones were 8 1/2 wide. Those I will be able to wear with socks, while the blue will only work with stockings.


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